Marcin Gorski

Student, interested in bioethics, Medical University in Lodz. Scriptwriter RPG games and comics.

Script of comic "Problem" Olesinski, Gorski. drawer Tomasz Kwiatkowski.

1. The 66 year old Detective bureau. Unshaven and wrinkled like an old Bulgarian grandpa sleeps (hrr..pfff..) behind desk with legs table top (position similar to drunk elf lackey - look forward). In front of him there is empty bottle of liqor. Behind him, on a wall, are hanging pictures, evidences of past successes and his detective license. All of them hang crookedly. Motto on one of them is clearly visible and says: Every problem is a matter of time... There are webs on the walls. Belt with a gun is hanged on a chair. In background we see cabinet with rusty old weapons.

2. Above his head flies an arrow with letter (whizz!).

3. Closeup on vibrating arrow and a letter. Letter content:
Noble Mister.
Our mothers deeply admire Your succedess from few days. Our Tribe needs You.
Taking into consideration your reputation, we think that only You can resolve our problem. Meet us on Old Herbalist crossroad tomorrow at high noon.

4. We are on Old Herbalist crosroad. It's in woods. There is plenty of herbs and flowers, road is bushed, a creepers wringle all over it. The Guy sleeps on standing old yellow nag witch also is sleeping. Three Elfs standing in front of him. Precisely there are two large and pretty (with lots of makeup, colorfull scant clothes, fishnets, mini scirts, corsets) elf women with big tits and one small also pretty male elf with little head and big ears (also with makeup). Brunette female elf, domina, pulls small elf by ear.
Blond female elf whore, witch seems to be the boss, says:
"Not only he's late one day but he also is sleeping..."

Small elf Minion:
"Give a break... They were cheapest..."

Brunette domina female elf:
"Shut up when wariors talking"