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Award comicsComics Factory rised in 2005 in Lodz. It Focused around group of independent people intrested with SF comics and Fantasy, sometimes reflecting relation to reality through their work. Our group has all-Polish range.

Group unites talented scriptwriters and drawers. Many of them won prizes on international comic festivals.

Our task is to strenghten (inside of group) and make new relations between writers and illustrators, publication of comics, publishing new comic albums and presentation arranging. Main goal of creators is to create large edition polish comic, witch prototype we can gladly present:
- Thinker - Marszalek, Olesinski, Sulkowski.

ComicsEstremadura’s achievements are: award on 22 International Festival of Comic and Games (IFCG) in 2011 for Paul Marszalek and Lukas Samsonowicz for "Stupidity cannon", win in readers plebiscite of "Nowa Fantastyka" in 2007 for comic "Democracy". We were also participating in creation of collective album published by IFCG "Legends from Lodz. Stories from Ksiezy Mlyn"
- Stupidity cannon - Paul Marszalek, Lukas Samsonowicz.

Five years ago we also won Grand Prix on IFCG for comic "Democracy":
- "Democracy" – Olesinski, Marszalek, Madej. Nowa Fantastyka 03/2007.

Estremadura presented new cover on IFCG 2011. 10 comics with 10 brand new illustrators! Our new comics characterises with uniqe styles and original, understandable scripts, free from ideological topics exploited, not only, by national media. Our work is maded without pressure from any side, mainly in SF and Fantasy convention. Our group is opened for young authors. We support free, independent thought.
- "VR" - Olesinski, Marszalek, Madej. Nowa Fantastyka 12/2008.